Ipheion bulbs

John Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Sat, 14 Sep 2002 05:15:01 PDT
Likewise, Alberto's strong recommendation to keep these Ipheions and
Nothoscordums moist in summer has caught me on the hop.  I have always
treated them as 'Mediterranean' bulbs and dried them off with the rest of my
summer dormant bulbs.  Those in the ground are planted in summer dry areas
and those in pots have their 'perennial' roots cleaned off (ouch!).  They
have always performed wonderfully for me, with the exception of one bulb of
I. dialystemon, which took a year off two years ago (but the potful next to
it didn't), and three bulbs of Charlotte Bishop which I planted last fall
and never came up.  I don't know yet if they rotted or went on vacation.
Should find out soon.

I don't doubt Alberto's wisdom and will try a new regime with some divisions
next year - however, my biggest worry will be rotting them off.  Maybe I'll
start by just putting them somewhere cool and shady outside for the summer,
where they'll get a bit of moisture if it rains ?


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