Big sized Gladiolus species in pots

J.E. Shields
Sat, 14 Sep 2002 05:58:48 PDT
Dear Alberto,

Wow!  Have I ever been growing them in too small pots!  No wonder they grow 
slowly and bloom sparsely.  Alberto, thanks very much for you 
comments.  I'll repot them into 5-gallon containers next spring.

I have looked in Goldblatt's Gladiolus of Southern Africa book, and have 
never had a "saundersii" bloom that looked at all like his illustration of 
saundersii.  I must conclude that all mine have been and are oppositiflorus 
salmoneus.  I guess I'll have to keep trying new batches of seed of 
saundersii until I hit it.  Anybody want a few small seedling corms of 
oppositiflorus salmoneus?  (The operative word is "small".)

If anyone has a source or supply of seeds of real Gladiolus saundersii, for 
sale or swap, please contact me.

Jim Shields
in central Indiana, where we are once again tantalized with vague promises 
of a little rain

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