John Lonsdale Web Site update - cross posted

John Lonsdale
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 20:31:04 PDT
I have just implemented an update to my web site ( The search feature has been improved so it is now case insensitive, and thumbnail misalignments caused by different length filenames have been corrected. Crocus and Cyclamen images have been re-categorized into 'natural' divisions, Iris and Corydalis will get the same    treatment shortly. Various images of Cyclamen, Colchicum, Sternbergia sicula, Merendera montana, Scilla lingulata var. ciliolata and Cornus kousa in fruit have been added. Of particular interest (to me at least) is another lovely and very different Cyclamen rohlfsianum, a C. graecum ssp. mindleri with green buds, some lovely C. mirabile and C. rohlfsianum leaves, nice forms of
Colchicum pusillum and Merendera montana and a very dwarf Sternbergia sicula from Crete. In addition to accessing the updated images in their relevant genera, I have added a hyperlink on the home page which will allow you to look at all the images in the latest update as a single batch - this should save a lot of time navigating and downloading if you just want to see what has been added. The latest update is available at Enjoy !


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