Oxalis question

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 21:12:20 PDT
Dear All,

Hopefully Diana or Uli or Robin can answer this question for me (or anyone 
else, but these three I know are Oxalis experts.) I have mostly potted up 
all my Oxalis and many are coming up and some blooming including Oxalis 
bowiei from Uli. It has large beautiful green leaves and large luscious 
pink flowers.

One I hadn't repotted yet was Oxalis brasilensis. Last year they were up in 
October so I need to get to it. When I looked at the pot today I was 
astounded at what I found. There is the most unusual tuber (?) with what 
looks like a corm (?) underneath it and then I believe there were stolons 
connecting to offsets that don't look at all like the other bulb 
structures. I ended up with two pots last year and I think the second one 
may have had those offsets in some soil that I reused. Regardless they grew 
fine. I can't remember what I did last year. What do I plant? Will those 
strange looking tubers still grow?

Do those of you who grow this one give it a dormant period? For Ann Marie's 
sake it flowers in March-April for me with shiny purple flowers. I am sure 
I have a picture of it, but don't have time to look for it and scan it.

Thanks in advance for any clarity on this one. I like this one a lot.

Mary Sue

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