Romulea hantamensis

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 21:27:09 PDT
Dear All,

I was the happy recipient of seed from the BX of Romulea hantamensis. I 
have often admired it in pictures and seem to remember it needs 
stratification to germinate properly. Since I assume a lot of people wanted 
it and I probably don't have a lot of seeds I want my best chance to get it 
to come up. In my IBSA chat that came today there was a note about it:

"Dr. M. Boussard, from France, wrote the following to Johan W. Loubscher: 
'I also remember the reluctance of Romulea hantamensis to germinate. They 
germinated only in the third season and I say it with some dismay. I left 
the pot in the open last winter where it froze and got snowed on. Perhaps 
the freeze triggered the germination. Hantamsberg does get frost and 
sometimes snow in winter. I suggest that the seed by given a good soaking 
for a couple of days, then be put in the fridge for three to four weeks, 
then plant and hope for the best.'"

I remember Diana suggesting that we put Calochortus seed from the higher 
elevations in damp peat moss or vermiculite in a plastic bag in the 
vegetable bin of the refrigerator and check it to see if it had germinated 
and planting it if it had. I have stratified seed before by planting it and 
putting the whole pot in the refrigerator, but occasionally when I have 
looked at it again have found the whole pot is frozen which I doubt is a 
good idea. I am curious about soaking it and then putting it in the fridge. 
He doesn't really explain how he has handled this. I thought usually after 
you soaked seed you planted it, but he says to plant it later.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Robin have you germinated this one? 
Rachel can you suggest what I should do to have my best hope at getting 
this to come up.


Mary Sue

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