Ipheion bulbs

Cathy Craig batlette@cox.net
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:32:09 PDT
Hi all,

Is there any detectible difference in the appearance of the bulbs of I.
uniflorum and I. u. 'Rolf Fiedler'?

The nurseries here are selling bags of what is labeled as RF for the price I
would expect to pay for the plain uniflorum. The purported RF bulbs look
more like a fat, fleshy stem to me rather than a straight bulb.

I took a look in the (older) "Bulbs" by John Bryan and their drawing has the
I.u. bulbs looking very 'bulb-like' - like small, single-nose narcissus
bulbs. The ones being sold as RF don't look very much like this.

Cathy Craig San Clemente CA Zone 9b
President: Pacific Bulb Society

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