More Fall Blooms

J.E. Shields
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:13:25 PDT
Hi all,

Yesterday I noticed that many of the Colchicum cilicicum purpureum were 
blooming, the first colchicums to appear this season.  Also noted Gladiolus 
x-gandavensis in bloom.  There was some talk a couple years ago that 
x-gandavensis might just be G. dalenii primulinus.  I had some corms of 
primulinus last season, and their flowers were markedly different from 
those of gandavensis.  Also I might add that the primulinus did not survive 
the winter, while the x-gandavensis did.

Today, rummaging around under the benches in the lath house, I discovered 
that the two pots of Haemanthus albiflos each had a bloom open.  On the 
other side of the lath house in more shade, the pots of Cyclamen continue 
to increase in bloom.

I'm repotting Clivias and Crinums, as well as the Lachenalias.  L. rubida 
is sending up shoots, so L. bulbifera and L. viridiflora should not be far 
behind.   I tried putting a bunch of L. rubida seedlings into one window 
box, 6 inches by 24 inches.  I had only about 15 or so large bulbs to put 
in, so it may end up looking rather sparse.  I will keep the window box in 
the cool greenhouse over winter.

What results have others in cold winter climates like mine found with 
winter-growing South African irids?  I do not ever get blooms on Babiana, 
Ixia, or Sparaxis.   Chasmanthe and Watsonia in pots were total losses. Any 
suggestions on how to get any of these to bloom in the greenhouse?

Jim Shields
in central Indiana, where the temperatures finally have fallen below 60 F 
at night and below 80 F in the afternoon

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