Ipheion uniflorum seed

Cathy Craig batlette@cox.net
Fri, 06 Sep 2002 13:51:36 PDT
Hello Alberto,

I was afraid you were going to say that about the seed.

I have another question for you and the group. I am redigging a bed at the
base of an older Macadamia nut tree. Tree is still relatively small and the
roots are underground but only about 6-8 inches below ground. I had some
daylilies there but removed them recently. They were probably competing
sucessfully with the tree only because they are tets and very vigorous.

In any case, I have decided I'd better confine myself to small bulbs and
shallow-rooted perennials and annuals there. Anyone have an opinion of
trying to get some of the Ipheions to naturalize there?

Cathy Craig San Clemente CA Zone 9b
President: Pacific Bulb Society

Alberto wrote:
>   Seedlings produced from 'Charlotte Bishop' seed will
> NOT be 'Charlotte Bishop', given the natural variation within Ipheion
> uniflorum. Only offsets of bulbs of this variety will be true to name.

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