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Ernie O'Byrne
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 16:37:56 PDT
I get I should 'out' myself, since I just answered an inquiry and many of
you may not know me. Here is a bio I recently sent for a slide presentation
to a rock garden group in Vancouver:

Interest in the natural world has always been a part of my life, mostly
desert animal life, growing up in San Diego, California. Working at a Santa
Barbara County Park solidified my interest in plants, after graduation from
college in 1970 with a BA in Philosophy. After moving to Eugene, Oregon in
1973, I planted trees, logged and did various odd jobs before Marietta and I
met, were married, and started landscaping. We eventually began to grow many
of the plants that we were interested in using on jobs and had excess, of
course, and one thing led to another-the nursery was born in 1992, first
open only by appointment, then one day a week, now three days a week, where
it will stay.

We specialize in herbaceous perennials for sun and shade and do some alpines
and shrubs. We both are confessed plantaholics and are totally captivated by
the wonder and beauty of the natural world. At the nursery we specialize in
the rare and unusual and have a breeding program for hybrid hellebores.
Increasing the color range and improving the form of double hellebores is a
current interest.

In our garden, we are very eclectic, growing a wide variety of plants in
various microclimates, many from expeditions and various seed exchanges from
around the world. The garden and nursery are about an acre and a half with
woodland gardens, a grass and conifer garden, rock garden areas, perennial
borders, a dryland garden (no water in summer) and a small pond. Some
particular interests are hellebores, arisaemas, podophyllums and conifers.

Both Marietta and I are self-taught, never having had formal training in
horticulture. We are lucky in having very similar taste and ideas about the
development of the garden and usually agree with each other in garden
decisions. We both like to weed and both reject the frantic pace of modern
life, especially TV (which we have never owned) and its negative impact on
our culture. We see gardening as a small step in restoring sanity to a
troubled planet.


So, sort of long winded, but at least you get an idea of who I am.

Re bulbs we are pretty eclectic, but not terribly knowledgeable and don't
grow many non-hardy bulbs in pots or under cover of any kind (except for the
Oxalis that I recently couldn't resist from the BX ;-) I am a real sucker
for Oxalis and Diana grows 250 taxa! I didn't even know that that many were
available out there.

Ernie O'Byrne
Northwest Garden Nursery
86813 Central Road
Eugene OR 97402-9284
Phone: 541 935-3915
FAX: 541 935-0863
Eugene, Oregon is USDA Zone 8a on the map, but we can only grow Zone 7
plants reliably. Member of NARGS, SRGC, RHS, American Primula Society,
Meconopsis Group, Alpine-L, Arisaema-L, Hellebore Group

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