Coping with Cold
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> Sometimes this shadier
> site is helpful. Cooler conditions keep slightly tender plants from
> premature growth that gets nailed by a frost - Arisaema ringens has
> not been slapped back because it sensibly waits to emerge, influenced
> by the generally cooler conditions.

Hi Judy:
Similar experiences here.  A. ringens emerged the first year on Feb. 17th and 
required protection with a styrofoam rose cone. It seems to have settled in 
quite nicely (probably pulled itself deeper) and now emerges much later, 
avoiding the late season frosts.  There is a thermometer in our van: just 
going the several hundred yards from the east side of the river (Housatonic) 
over the bridge to the west side is a difference of 2-3 degrees.  The river 
has a moderating effect but cold air will descend from the foothills and pool 
in the river valley.  I haven't seen Ellie or Joel for several years now, 
hope all is well, they are lovely people.
Mark Mazer
Intarsia Ltd.
Gaylordsville, CT 06755-0142
USDA Zone 5
Giant Schnauzer Rescue

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