Oxalis in bloom

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 02 Apr 2003 08:01:49 PST
Dear All,

As my Oxalis obtusas fade and many of the other winter growing ones are 
dying back Oxalis brasiliensis is just starting to bloom. And I am finding 
it in quite a lot of my pots. Last year I sterilized any of the soil I 
reused. I tried to find all the Oxalis bulbs before I cooked my soil but 
some were so small I missed them. I theorized they wouldn't survive being 
cooked. Wrong...

Since Paul Tyerman just had a bulb blooming in Australia that he thought 
was this species I wanted to show him and everyone else what the real thing 
looks like. The leaves I find attractive and it is a low mat but I wonder 
if it could get weedy judging from all the ones that are turning up. Mine 
is just starting to bloom, but last year was covered with flowers for a 
couple of months (April, May) so the one in the picture will have more 
flowers later. I hope some of you who got the ones I sent to the BX last 
fall are having success with them. I uploaded some pictures to the Wiki and 
added the urls with a description to the Oxalis page:

And just to follow Kelly Irwin's lead and since I don't have a child for 
scale, I asked my dog to pose next to the pot so you can get a sense of the 
size. I didn't put this picture on the Oxalis page. It will expire in a few 

Mary Sue

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