Wiki Pages from Bill Dijk

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 27 Apr 2003 07:28:41 PDT
Dear All,

I am so pleased to see that Bill Dijk is finding time to post pictures and 
write text for the Wiki. If you look at his pictures you will also want to 
read what he has said about his images  since that is very interesting so 
it is better to go to the wiki genus page rather than directly to the file. 
When you look at the url for the file you can't get to the wiki page easily 
unless like me you have set the Photographs and Information page as your 
home page. So I am including the url for the wiki pages for Tropaeolum and 
for Worsleya.

It was seeing Bill's plants of the former in New Zealand that got me really 
interested in them and congratulations Rob on getting some seed to 
germinate. When Bill showed pictures of Tropaeolum tricolor in the past and 
called it Tropaeolum tricolorum I asked what was the correct name since I 
have seen it spelled both ways and the word I got back was T. tricolor. So 
the picture he showed of that is the same one I grow. His is really dense 
so must be quite a few tubers.……

Thanks Bill and to all of you who are providing pictures and information 
for our wiki.

Mary Sue

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