Janet Galpin and Oliver Patterson
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 10:22:10 PDT
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from "diana chapman" <> contains these words:

> Dear Janet and Oliver:

> Welcome to the list!

> Funny you should mention Anemones, because I was walking in the woods this
> morning and saw masses of what I think is Anemone deltoidea, along with the
> absolutely-wonderful-but-so-slow-from-seed Clintonia andrewsiana.  It seems
> a bit early for the Clintonia, but this is a different population from the
> one I have collected seed from in the past. Trillium ovatum is still in
> bloom, but Scoliopus bigelovii is just about finished.  The anemone is white
> with very prominent gold stamens.

It's interesting to hear about your local Anemone. Our native Wood
Anemone is Anemone nemorosa which is often grown in gardens in its
native form and also selections which have bigger flowers or are tinged
with blue or pink. Do you have A. nemorosa as a common garden plant in

I know A. quinquefolia is a kind of smaller and later plant which is
otherwise quite like A. nemorosa. Is A. deltoidea similar as well, and
are either of these two grown as garden plants?


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