Virus again

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 11:48:14 PDT
Dear All,

Alberto asked Germán Roitman to take some pictures of the leaves of a 
virused Hippeastrum teyucuarense and I have uploaded them to the wiki and 
put them on the Virus wiki page. Some of them very clearly show the mottled 
streaky leaves, but the last one doesn't look too bad to me which just adds 
to my anxiety level on this subject. Perhaps Alberto can explain. Is it the 
tips we need to look for and even if lower areas of the leaves start 
looking better to dispatch the plant with haste?

Also there is a picture of a diseased Clivia also from Germán. Is that 
another way virus looks or could it be something else equally ugly. It's 
not what I'd expect to see as virus.…

I think it is very helpful to us to see examples of what to look for so am 
grateful for these additional pictures.

Mary Sue

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