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> Air movement is another neglected technique. The orchid fanatics all
> seem to have little fans stirring the air in their greenhouses, but
> I've never seen such an apparatus in an alpine house -- not that I
> claim wide experience of such edifices. Air movement will help
> prevent diseases and pests that thrive in a stagnant atmosphere. It
> will also reduce condensation on foliage and flowers, and may
> prevent out of the way corners from freezing.
> Comments?

A small fan runs 24/7/365 over one of the plunges where plants susceptable to 
the above mentioned maladies are kept such as Primula allioni and certain 
pots of seedlings.  Watering during the winter is always done in the morning 
on sunny days to ensure that the foliage dries off.  The ventilation fan's 
thermostat is set lower than usual that day to keep the air circulating.
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