New member welcome
Mon, 07 Apr 2003 21:01:32 PDT
Hi everyone,

Please join me in welcoming our two newest members, Judy Glattstein and Carolyn 
Craft.  I'm afraid we're a bit tardy in extending our welcome to Judy.  Vicki 
Sironen, our membership chair, has recently been assigned a position which 
requires much out of town travel, so we have fallen a bit behind on our 
paperwork.  If there is anyone else out there who has been overlooked, please 
contact me immediately.  For anyone interested in joining, the application is 
now available online at  You can print it and mail it to 
my address, provided on the form.

Since Judy's form is with Vicki, I'm afraid I'll have to ask her to introduce 
herself.  She's back in New Jersey, so she might have some tips to share about 
caring for tender bulbs in cold weather.  Chime in any time, Judy!

I received Carolyn's form, so I'd like to share her invitation, extended to all 
PBS members, to visit her garden.  It's on 1 and 1/2 acres, open to the public 
at no charge for 6-8 weekends in spring, and she kindly offered to open it on 
other weekends for any PBS member who wants to make private arrangements.  
Meandering paths lead you through over 800 different bearded hybrid iris, over 
100 beardless iris, and over 1200 bulbs.  Rose bushes, fruit trees (over 30!) 
and various herbs and other flowers await.  The garden has one small pond, and 
a larger one is under construction.  She is expecting hundreds of poet 
Narcissus 'Pheasant's Eye' to bloom in about two weeks.  If you're interested, 
contact her privately at

I'm so glad to welcome our two new members on behalf of all of PBS's officers.  
I encourage Judy and Carolyn to share a bit more about their gardens, to chime 
in on our current TOW, or to contact our list administrator, Mary Sue, if you 
have an idea for a new TOW - especially if you'd like to volunteer to introduce 


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