Virus again

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 06:21:00 PDT
Hi Dave:
        All parts of a virused plant contains virus. It is generally assumed 
that pollen and ovules are virus free. What is normally virus free in the 
bulb families we know is seed in which tissue multiplication is so fast that 
virus has no time to infect it. Same with the meristems that produce virus 
free tissue cultured material.
There is a lot of research on roses receiving PNRV in pollen carried about 
by bees and other pollinator insects. As you say, in absence of all other 
agents pollen is a possible one. Root nematodes are invisible vectors very 
important in sandy soils and with excessive irrigation. This case is less 
complicated to solve as the beds, etc., can be sterilized rather easily.
All the best

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