Signs of viruses

Shawn Pollard
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 09:31:03 PDT
Dear all, 

This is a subject I recall was discussed a while back.
 I have a garden bed with a Hippeastrum 'Apple
Blossom' and 'San Antonio Rose' growing in it; both
have lightly to heavily-mottled leaves that appear
virused to me.  However, I had a problem with mites
discoloring some Arum and Hymenocallis leaves earlier
and I was wondering if yellow mottling could be caused
by insect damage?  The 'Apple Blossom' was purchased
locally and the 'San Antonio Rose' was ordered through
a reputable mail-order nursery in Texas.  Does anyone
have experience eyeballing the infected from the
merely infested?  Truth be told, almost every
Hippeastrum I've grown has had this discoloration.


Shawn Pollard
Midland, TX

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