Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 08:21:20 PDT
Dear Mark,

Since both Jim Shields and Jim Waddick have said they have no luck growing 
Babianas in cold climates and you say they do well for you, can you tell us 
how deep your pots are, how often you replant, and what kind of 
temperatures they get summer and winter.

I have much better luck with Babianas in the ground or in very deep large 
containers I only replant when they get really crowded. Also they keep 
their leaves much longer than most of the other South African irids I have 
grown and as Rachel points out many of them are tolerant of garden water in 
the summer. Which species do you grow and do they always bloom?

If you are eating Babianas and not mice, what made you decide to try them 
and how do they taste? Diana in the past has told us about her tests eating 
some of California's bulbs.

Mary Sue

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