Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 08:18:25 PDT
Dear Jamie,

There are some summer growing Lachenalias, but most of the ones most of us 
grow are from winter rainfall areas and bloom winter to late spring. I have 
one that is just about to bloom for the first time from seed I got from 
Cameron and Rhoda (sowed 9/30/01) which Rhoda told me to water  year round 
and that I might be able to get to bloom more than once a year, L. 
campanulata. There are some from summer rainfall areas and I suppose they 
could have hybridized some, but my guess would be that since you are in a 
cold climate and most Lachenalias mush in the cold these have been held to 
plant at the wrong time.

It always seems to me that when you get bargains like this one there is no 
harm in trying to grow out of season. You may not get them to bloom more 
than once, but that may be enough. Has anyone tried to convert Lachenalia 
and have it grow at the wrong time of the year? On the other hand you may 
have success.

Don Journet from Australia who is a member of this list may have some 
advice for you. At one time he was growing more than 90 different kinds.

I have saved his very excellent introduction from when I was doing the IBS 
topic of the week and it may answer some questions. I'll send it to you 

Mary Sue

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