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> I second Mark McDonough's remarks on behalf of species tulips.

I have tried a couple of species tulips here over the years, humilis, 
linifolia and kaufmania.  They always get the dwindles and disappear over the 
course of several years.  A fresh planting of humilis has been in full bloom 
the past week, a planting several years old has but one bulb left, also in 
bloom.  Just 90 miles north of New 
York City, we can get the best of both worlds, a mix of continental and 
maritime climates.
 For those in this neck of the woods, a fantastic display of daffodils will 
be reaching it's peak over the next couple of weeks.  It is located in 
Litchfield, on Wigwam Road off of Route 254.  There are hundreds of thousands 
of naturalized narcissus in a spectacular setting, meadows, woods, a small 
island in a lake, all visible from the road but with several trails through 
the plantings.
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