Nectaroscordum (Bulbs for Continental climates)

Jane McGary
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 10:00:22 PDT
Nectaroscordum is not shipped to the USA by Hoog & Dix because it is not
included in the "preapproved" list of Dutch bulbs to be imported to the USA.

Janis Ruksans, however, lists Nectaroscordum tripedale under its synonym
Allium tripedale, and there is no problem importing Allium bulbs! I've
ordered some from him.

The dislike of Nectaroscordum siculum (or Allium bulgaricum, as it is
sometimes called) stems from its dull-colored flowers -- which some
gardeners love -- and from its propensity to self-sow. I haven't found it
unduly invasive here, and it is always easy to find homes for the extras.
The flowers are excellent when cut and should please modernist flower
arrangers greatly.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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