Oxalis in bloom

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Sat, 05 Apr 2003 17:55:34 PST
Hi Mary Sue:

It looks like O. caprina.  This can be one of the "weedier" species due to
its propensity to multiply vegetatively.  I think it's more of a pest in
South Africa than here.


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Dear Paul,

These flowers actually come in threes. That one Bob took a picture of was
the first one open. Here is another picture of some that appeared in
another pot showing the stem of three:
I had to wait for a sunny to day to measure them for you. The flowering
stem is about 11-12 cms. (4-4½") tall so it is much shorter than O. bowiei.
The flowers are about 3½ cm. (1½") in diameter when fully open or at least
the ones I measured were from the tip of one of the petals to the one on
the oppositie side.

The leaves are very shiny and the flowers a pretty color. I wish I could
share some with you. I placed it next to a Oxalis bowiei with the yellowing
leaves and you can see the leaves really do look alike. I think the storage
organ is different too.

One of the joys of Oxalis is the long period of bloom with different
species starting in fall. I too am happy I got introduced to them.

One that started blooming in October and is still blooming now in April I'd
like help in identifying. My tag says BX? Since I am sure I'll have extras
to share I'd love to figure out what they are. When they first came out
they didn't seem very happy in the sun so I moved them to part shade and
they have been blooming ever since. White to pale pink in color. This is
two pots together but I planted quite a few in each pot and they are
hanging over the edge.


Can any of you Oxalis fans tell me what species this is?

Mary Sue

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