Arisaema TOW

Jane McGary
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 08:30:52 PDT
I don't grow many arisaemas, thanks to the slugs and a soil that is not 
retentive enough for most of them, but just yesterday I was wondering about 
one that I have in a pot. I got the seed as Arisaema anatolicum. It is only 
about 8 inches/20 cm tall and this spring bore a flower on a stem below the 
level of the two divided leaves. The flower was small and green, shaped 
something like that of A. flavum. To my surprise (since I thought arisaemas 
were not self-fertile), it has formed a cluster of fruits which are just 
starting to turn red.

I don't find this species in the books I have here (I don't have the new 
Gusman book). Can someone inform me about it? I assume from the name that 
it grows in Turkey.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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