Topic of the Week--Arisaema

Janet Galpin and Oliver Patterson
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 09:22:06 PDT
I so far have only Arisaema consanguineum at flowering size and
established in a dryish woodland area in England in what is probably
roughly Zone 8.

It seems tolerant of fairly dry conditions in shade.

I find Arisaemas easy from seed. They germinate quite readily and
survive my semi-neglect either out of doors or under the staging in the
greenhouse. They seem to take about three years to reach a size where it
feels safe to plant them out. Then another year or two to flower. My
strongest plant has set seed for the first time this year, six or seven
years after the original seed was sown.
Janet Galpin, Lincolnshire, UK, Av min temp -7

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