Lycoris & Drought Part 2

James Waddick
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 11:00:20 PDT
Dear All;
	A quick count tallied almost 200 bloom stalks on various 
Lycoris, but a disappointment. Many plants that had multiple stalks 
last year had only 1 or 2 this year. Others (as reported earlier ) 
were very dwarf (4 inches tall instead of 30 inches).  Thee comprise 
only a few of the early species and hybrids.
	A batch of 25 L squamigera sported 3 stalks where last year 
there were 10 x this many. L. longituba is about 1/5 of its last 
years' stalks. Only a few spots are looking good. 2 dozen stalks of 
L. sprengeria are a showy clump and a dozen L. incarnata have impact, 
but both of these are in well watered places, the majority have had 
far less than 1/2 inch of rain over the last 2 months.
	I just started to water a bed with about 75 bulbs of various 
species and stalks have quickly begun to show compared to other beds 
of the same species with NO stalks up yet.
	With essentially no rain and definitely no deep rain and 
temps still skirting above 100 F (104 F today) the season will be 
considerably worse than last year.
	There are many more species and hybrids to come. Should we 
ever get rain (and cooler temps) I'd hope to see considerably more 
bloom stalks in my future.

	This is perhaps an extreme test, but I am very curious to see 
the results of a good heavy rain on stalk production. First it must 
rain, won't it?

		Best		Jim W.
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