Wayne Roderick

Harry Dewey HTD10@Columbia.edu
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 16:18:58 PDT
Thank you for this nice tribute to Wayne Roderick, Sue .  For other 
bulbists who aren't Alpine-L subscribers, but who, like Mary Sue, found 
his friendships and interests extending far beyond rock gardening, here 
are some of the tributes paid to him recently on Alpine-L:

Wayne, too, was not a subscriber to Alpine-L, but there were numerous 
Alpine-L posts about him in the years 1995-2002:

Sic transit gloria mundi

Harry Dewey, moderator, Alpine-L

Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> Dear All,
> I'm not a member of Alpine-l list and only this morning learned from a 
> friend that Wayne Roderick had died. I wanted to post this for those 
> of you who hadn't heard yet. So I am feeling very sad about losing 
> him, but you can't think of Wayne and his contributions without also 
> feeling very glad for all those years he did live.
> Wayne is well known to rock garden fans and California native plant 
> fans. He has left behind articles he wrote about plants and memories 
> for so many of us. In his Northern California garden he grew bulbs and 
> boasted year round color with no water. Every year he opened his 
> garden to visitors in the spring and the fall. He loved to hike and 
> see plants in the wild and over the years took many to see some of his 
> favorites. He is responsible for some California bulbs being widely 
> available as he introduced them to the Dutch. (Calochortus 'Golden 
> Orb' is an example.) Wayne had a twinkle in his eye and you never knew 
> what he might say. He isn't a person easily forgotten. We managed to 
> get him to some of our Northern California bulb meetings at Jana's. 
> Although in the last few years he didn't drive much there were always 
> people willing to bring him as we valued his company. He will be 
> missed by so many.
> Mary Sue
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