Wayne Roderick

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 10:28:25 PDT
Dear All,

I'm not a member of Alpine-l list and only this morning learned from a 
friend that Wayne Roderick had died. I wanted to post this for those of you 
who hadn't heard yet. So I am feeling very sad about losing him, but you 
can't think of Wayne and his contributions without also feeling very glad 
for all those years he did live.

Wayne is well known to rock garden fans and California native plant fans. 
He has left behind articles he wrote about plants and memories for so many 
of us. In his Northern California garden he grew bulbs and boasted year 
round color with no water. Every year he opened his garden to visitors in 
the spring and the fall. He loved to hike and see plants in the wild and 
over the years took many to see some of his favorites. He is responsible 
for some California bulbs being widely available as he introduced them to 
the Dutch. (Calochortus 'Golden Orb' is an example.) Wayne had a twinkle in 
his eye and you never knew what he might say. He isn't a person easily 
forgotten. We managed to get him to some of our Northern California bulb 
meetings at Jana's. Although in the last few years he didn't drive much 
there were always people willing to bring him as we valued his company. He 
will be missed by so many.

Mary Sue

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