Eucomis - TOW-Hardiness

peter maynard
Mon, 18 Aug 2003 15:09:54 PDT
I am finding that the small species Eucomis vandermerwei is apparently
hardier than it was ! I have for years maintained this plant in a 7in
plastic pot under glass where each year the pot begins to perceptibly bulge
at the sides
Havinge saturated the gifts market I have planted several bulbs at various
sites in a rock garden and on raised beds  Some of these experiments have
done well and are flowering now although others with different exposures
have died.
Very fond of this eucomis only 10" tall , heavily spotted leaves with a
purple tint. The flowers are green with purple edges. Trouble is the flower
stems are surrounded and overtopped by leaves and I have never made a good
quality photo .
S.E. England Zone 8 Coastal Plain
natales grate numeras

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