Colchicum graecum

Jane McGary
Mon, 18 Aug 2003 12:26:08 PDT
Mark Wilcox in Washington DC wrote,
Yesterday I noticed that I have first flowering on Colchicum graecum,
>which was planted last fall.  Does it typically bloom so early?  Lycoris
>squamigera has just finished blooming, and L. sprengeri has yet to bloom.
>Perhaps the unusually wet and comparatively cool temperatures we've had
>this year are responsible?  I'd welcome any ideas to explain this
>unexpected surprise.

Some fall bulbs seem to respond to water and some to lower soil 
temperature. The earliest Colchicum to flower here is usually C. alpinum, 
which is as the name implies a plant of higher elevations, where it would 
have to bloom earlier to go through its reproductive cycle. I think that 
Colchicums are more likely to respond to moisture -- they often bloom in 
their shipping bags, where moisture is retained but where one supposes they 
are fairly warm.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon.
No colchicums yet.

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