Sun, 03 Aug 2003 07:59:57 PDT

 From Kubitzki:

Neopatersonia Schonl.

Perianth tube short; segments subequal, spreading.  Stamens 
sub-1-seriate, attached at the throat of the perianth; filaments 
broadened and connate at the base, gradually narrowed above; anthers 
dorsiflexed, with introrse dehiscence.  Ovary sessile, subovoid, 3 
furrowed, with many ovules in each chamber; style filiform; stigma of 
three very short spreading branches.  Fruit membranous 3- grooved, with 
loculicidal dehiscence.  Seeds numerous flask shaped, rough.  Only one 
species., N. uitenhagensis Schonl., S. Africa


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