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Sun, 03 Aug 2003 09:00:43 PDT
Dear Mary Sue;
	All Lycoris have foliage FIRST, then bloom on leafless stalks.

	When you ask about bulbs that flower first, then produce 
foliage or the opposite I assume you mean in a "calendar year", not a 
'growing season' which can range from fall to spring in mild winter 

	Lycoris definitely wouldn't fit the discussion category and I 
don't think Belladonna do either. Maybe there should be two lists 
compiled of those that flower first and those with foliage first 
based on a calendar year. And do we really concern ourselves with 
something like Scadoxus puniceus which blooms and immediately has 
foliage- like the next day! Perhaps we should restrict to genera or 
even species that have foliage and flowers in two different seasons - 
then we'd include Lycoris.
	Maybe a broad statement that foliage and flower are not in 
evidence at the same time, but have a sequence. In some one follows 
immediately or others where there are months between flowers and 
foliage.	OR....


A. Plants that produce foliage and flowers at different times/ seasons:

	1. Foliage produced in a season before flowers	ie Lycoris, Colchicum

	2. Flowers produced in a season before foliage ie: Gladiolus carmineus

B Flowers and foliage not synchronous, but one follows the next

	1. Foliage falls as flower stalk emerges  ie: ??

	2. Flowers fall as foliage emerge ie: ??

	Just a thought. 	Others?

	Best		Jim W.
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