Copyright pictures 'pirated'

Angelo Porcelli
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 11:12:45 PST
There are a lot of my photos of agaves, cycad and palms being used from unscrupolous E-bay sellers and also some commercial websites in Florida. Think that some E-bay seller rely on my photos to ID their plants ! What I don't understand well is how one (me) can claim to be the owner of a photo.
Indeed, I am not so concerned that someone use my photos, but they could have been so kind, at least, to ask me for permission. I am not really good with softwares like Photoshop etc., but I wonder what legal consequence would make if I wrote across the photo i.e. Copyright© Angelo Porcelli or similar. Is there anyone I should pay to obtain a copyright? How does it work for websites like i.e. David Fenwick or Jim Shields, when at the bottom of the page there's written © 2003 etc?
If anyone have the time to clarify my doubts, it would be very appreciated.

many thanks
Angelo Porcelli

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