Please remove my pictures

Douglas Westfall
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 09:58:59 PST
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Beach, CA

To PBS members,

I just received the following Email and thought that I'd pass it on to those


> Thanks for your E-mail which has just been passed to me for my
> attention.Your images will be removed within the next 12 hours.
> Whatever the circumstances behind the aquisition and use of your pictures,
> as owner of the business I am accountable for this situation and I have sent
> a detailed response to the Secretary of the International Bulb Society.
> It is obvious that a number of images have been 'lifted' from your site and
> it now also transpires that some of the images from a large collection that
> we had permission to use are not in fact owned by the person granting us
> permission!
> It is very regrettable that this situation has been allowed to degenerate to
> such a level and (understandably) has created so much ill-feeling.
> Mike Lee
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Douglas Westfall" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 5:11 AM
> Subject: Please remove my pictures
>> I respectfully request that you remove my bulb pictures from your web
> page.
>> They are the following: Haemanthus carneus, Haemanthus coccineus,
> Haemanthus
>> pauculifolius, and Veltheimia capensis. You have stolen these from either
> or
>> both the IBS Gallery or the IBS Wiki pages.
>> Had you bothered to ask my permission, I most probably granted your
> request.
>> However, what you have done is unethical and illegal!
>> I did send notice to you a couple of days ago and you have not responded.
> I
>> am requesting that you respond and remove the pictures. You do not have
>> permission to use my pictures!
>> Douglas Westfall

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