Tony Avent
Mon, 08 Dec 2003 04:59:24 PST

	I've never heard of planting watsonias 12" deep, but will give this a try.
 Is there a reference for watsonias that indicate which ones have W.
pillansii in their background?

At 11:23 PM 12/7/2003 -0000, you wrote:
>Hi Tony,
>>>>>>>We have Chasmanthe bicolor ready to plant out in spring.  Winter temps
>to -13C would be considered a mild winter here.
>I'm glad I live here and thank god for Gulf Stream. Long may it continue ?
>>>>>I often wonder if there we need to make higher elevation collections of
>many of these species to get better winter hardiness.
>It's a very good idea, however try and get some local knowledge. Higher
>altitude forms may be generally hardier, but higher altitude sometimes means
>thinner and free draining soils, and thus these bulbs may withstand a lot
>more frost but they might not withstand similar levels of moisture.
>Incidentally, I plant various Watsonia species at a depth of 12 inches here,
>I get them to grow as a clump first by potting on until they in a 12 inch
>clay pot. I then plant the contents making sure the corms are 12 inches
>deep. They are very successful and flower every year. However planting them
>this deep is a bit of a problem for a nurseryman wanting to dig and sell
>I never cut the foliage down, although I'd love to, there's just so much of
>it especially on the pillansii hybrids. I keep them looking good by snapping
>off the old brown leaves at the base. However please take care, old leaves
>and old scapes can be extremely sharp and as dangerous as Pampass or Bamboo.
>Large grouping and close planting of plants in established containers seems
>to work very well here, of course I don't get your temps but I think a lot
>of things are well worth a try, and so many plants are still as yet
>untested, or misunderstood.
>Good luck Tony.
>Best Wishes,
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