James Waddick
Mon, 08 Dec 2003 06:07:03 PST
Dear All;
	Years ago a friend sent me a handful of Chasmanthe sp. ( what 
is the most common -floribunda?). I grew them for a year or two in a 
pot until they multiplied into a 'pot ful'. Like many tender plants 
that need annual winter indoor care, I eventually gave them the trial 
	I planted some here in Kansas City and about half a hundred 
miles south (into to Northern Zone 6). Both were planted deep, and 
both survived a mild winter, None bloomed and none returned.
	So I suppose although they did "technically survive", they 
did not replenish their stored energy enough to return or thrive. I'd 
think that makes them better candidates for real survival a Zone (or 
more south) with some winter protection.

		Jim W.
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