Triteleia hybridising

Jan v/d Berg
Thu, 04 Dec 2003 02:24:38 PST
Good morning.
since 1990 we hybridise in Trtiteleia, Brodiaea,and Dichelostemma.
Our hybridiser was Mrs. Ellen Wajon.
We started with somes seed from the USA, and we crossed all types of
Ixioidis, Bridgesii, Hendersoni and Peduncularis.
We have some nice Ixioidis types, and also crossings between Ixioidis and
Our hybridiser Mrs. Ellen Wajon.died 2 years ago because of cancer.
Last year we named a Ixioidis Triteleia cultivar to her, Triteleai Ixioidis
You can see it on our homepage: or in the url below.
The cultivar "Ellen" is also at the wiki, al well as T. Laxa Rudy.
If anyone has comment at our website, please contact me.
Jan van den Berg.

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