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Diane Whitehead
Wed, 03 Dec 2003 23:34:02 PST
It is a good time to sow bulb seeds.

The various alpine garden societies have extensive offerings of bulb 
seeds collected in members' gardens, and many collected in the wild. 
The garden seeds vary a bit from year to year, but the real 
excitement comes when we see who has been travelling, and where.  The 
"where" used to be specified: 1500 m alt on Mt. xx.  Now the location 
is kept secret to protect the plants.

Only members can have the seeds, but you can often check online lists 
to see if it would be worthwhile for you to join. Sometimes if you 
join now, you can ask for this year's seedlist.  Seedlists are 
currently being mailed out. These alpine clubs generally include 
seeds as a membership benefit, though sometimes members must pay 
postage.  There are usually close to 6000 types of seeds offered each 
year. The number of packets of seed each person is allowed is 
limited, and often one does not get all one's first choices. It's 
like a lottery. ( After trying for 30 years to get seed of one 
particular dwarf narcissus, this year I bought it from the 
Archibalds, and it has already germinated.)

Alpine Garden Society
Scottish Rock Garden Club
North American Rock Garden Society
Ontario Rock Garden Society
Alpine Garden Club of BC

There are specialty geophytic clubs with focussed seed exchanges. 
Usually these clubs sell their seeds and there is often no limit to 
how many you may buy.  It is often easier to get what you really want 
from these ones.


The Cyclamen Society

SIGNA (Species Iris)

The North American Lily Society
The RHS Lily Group has a new website  Their 
seedlist comes out in January and besides lilies includes other 
Liliaceae, and other bulbous families

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maritime zone 8
cool mediterranean climate (dry summer, rainy winter - 68 cm annually)
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