Scilla bibliography

Jane McGary
Fri, 19 Dec 2003 11:06:56 PST
Thanks to Julian Slade for the bibliography pursuant to your posting on 
Speta et al.'s proposed revision of Scilla. I was aware of Speta 1998 but 
had not actually read it, and am glad to see that it is probably resumed in 
Pfosser & Speta 1999, in English, so I will be able to read about the topic 
without a dictionary at my elbow. We do get lazy in our later years!

Julian's initial synopsis of the revision brings up some questions. (1) Is 
Scilla lazulina from Zimbabwe the same entity as Hyacinthella lazulina? 
That would explain why my H. lazulina is not progressing too well here in 
chilly Oregon.

(2) Two of the pink autumnal Scilla species recently discussed on this 
forum are proposed to be called Barnardia, but I don't see the 
superficially very similar S. intermedia, and also similar S. obtusifolia 
is down under Prospero. The geographical distance between S. (Barnardia) 
numidica and S. (B.) japonica is startling; why would a North African 
species be closer to an East Asian one than to morphologically similar 
species (except for the absence or slight presence of bracts and 
bracteoles) in the Mediterranean? This is the kind of result that makes 
some people nervous about the validity of DNA sequencing studies.

(3) Under "what is left of Scilla" there is reference to "the now defunct 
genus Chionodoxa." When did Chionodoxa depart this vale of tears? We 
amateurs were just getting the hang of the revision that played musical 
chairs with the names of most of the Chionodoxa species. It might be a 
relief to call them all Scilla, though the name "Chionodoxa" is charmingly 
apropos for these little flowers that often pop up through the spring snow. 
Is this revision widely accepted?

(4) The lumping of Muscarimia, Leopoldia, and Pseudomuscari into Muscari 
has been in effect for some time, though certain bulb dealers still cling 
to Leopoldia for the "tassel hyacinths." Am I imagining it, or has someone 
also proposed to merge Bellevalia into Muscari?

I hope someone can answer these questions, but I can't promise I will get 
everything relabeled in time for next summer's bulb list....

Best wishes,
Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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