Helpful URLS and a rant

Diane Whitehead
Fri, 19 Dec 2003 11:24:14 PST
There have been several additions to the Helpful URLS that were 
posted to the whole list, and some that were sent just to me, which I 
will list here.

Crocosmia,Chasmanthe and Tulbaghia - I forgot the www.  It should be   works for some computers, but not mine. 
So some of you will be able to see the good collection of Nerine 

Complaint regarding some webpages:
It is essential that anyone designing a webpage for public use should 
test it on various computers, of various ages, and using various web 
browsers of several different versions.

If you look at the two Cyclamen sites I listed, and get only a 
homepage with no buttons, boxes or frames around the edges, then you 
will be frustrated to know that within those impenetrable sites are 
wonderful pictures, useful information, and in the case of the 
nursery, plants that you may have wanted to order.  Both sites were 
developed using the same HTML editor, one that promises a beautiful 
website without the need to know any nasty HTML. I wrote last year to 
the Cyclamen Society, of which I am a member, to tell them I can't 
access the site.  I guess I will have to offer to get someone to fix 
the problem.

The site with the Nerine pictures, was not written 
using the same program. Part of it works for me.  I can see garden 
pictures, in the centre of the screen, but none of the pictures 
accessed by boxes along the top of the homepage, as I can't see the 
boxes.  I was horrified when I got on the computer today to find that 
part of this site had highjacked my homepage.  I had to reset my 

		Diane Whitehead

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