Douglas, and anyone else for that matter:)

Joakim Erson
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 15:03:25 PST
My mother always told me to ask when I don´t understand something, and I do
not understand this. This might be the dumbest question you guys has ever
heard, but please be patient. Im a newbee at this aswell as in legal matters
of this sort. Anyway: Here it goes:

Why is it so important with copy-writed pictures ( which is all pictures -
or am I wrong?)
I can sense and understand the frustration of you, Douglas. Iprobably would
be mad as hell first, if someone would bother copying my art ( I do paint a
lot). And I understand the need for copy-writing sertain photos ( for
example award-winning commercial shots and such) but isnt there some grade
of satisfaction that one:s pictures are so good that people will go through
the trouble of actually copying them and wanting to show them to the world?
The case as I understand it ( and I havent read alot about it, so please
correct me if Im wrong) is that someone has submitted your (
Douglas´s)pictures ( under fake name?) to IBS gallery?if so,  isnt your
aggression towards IBS mis-placed? Call me daft, but isnt the one supposed
to be under trial here the person who put the pictures there?

Is there any real value to photos, that I ´ve missed? I am planning on
photographing all my plants when in flower ( and I do have a collection) to
send the these types of sites in order for people to be able to see what the
plants look like. I have had a lot of use of photos from named place in
order to approprially catalogue my plants, and look for new plants. Isnt the
whole Idea of these organizations to facilitate knowledge and so on to
growers through-out the world? Isnt that the beauty of hobbies ( And I
stress that Im aware of that for some its a livelyhood).

When it comes down to it, no offense meant, just a humble question: Is it
really worth all this fuss? and in that case, why?

I really like getting these mails, Im learning so much, and its very
intruiging, but I feel a need to understand all these processes ( did I
mention I study economics?;)) in order for me to be of any help at this
mailing-list. Thank you guys for hearing me out and listen ( and

Best regards,

Joakim in Sweden

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> Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 09:58:59 -0800
> From: Douglas Westfall <>
> Subject: [pbs] Re: Please remove my pictures
> To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
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> World BulbsDoug Westfall Claiborne Dr. Long
> Beach, CA
> To PBS members,
> I just received the following Email and thought that I'd pass it on to
> concerned.
> Doug
> > Thanks for your E-mail which has just been passed to me for my
> > attention.Your images will be removed within the next 12 hours.
> > Whatever the circumstances behind the aquisition and use of your
> > as owner of the business I am accountable for this situation and I have
> > a detailed response to the Secretary of the International Bulb Society.
> > It is obvious that a number of images have been 'lifted' from your site
> > it now also transpires that some of the images from a large collection
> > we had permission to use are not in fact owned by the person granting us
> > permission!
> > It is very regrettable that this situation has been allowed to
degenerate to
> > such a level and (understandably) has created so much ill-feeling.

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