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David Fenwick
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 14:11:52 PST
Dear All,
I am sorry for not contributing to this thread so far, and it's my fault it

I think the story by now is clear, that a specific person, with a specific
commercial website, was using specific images, without permission of the
copyright holders, and that this had affected many websites including our

I am relieved to report that this matter has been settled and the company in
question has recently withdrawn ''many'' images from its website.

I am being brief, for in taking the steps I have recently taken, I have been
accused of liable, and therefore it would be unwise for me to comment any
further. Please do not worry though, it is nothing, I can handle if it if it
does go further, and I am not frightened nor scared of the person making the

Because of how the IBS website 'Gallery of the World Bulbs' was affected I
am sending a full report on this matter to Alan Meerow and Dr. John

The PBS website and wikki was less affected but I shall also send a full
report on this matter to Mary Sue Ittner and for her to discuss at committee

Can I therefore ask that we do not personally discuss anything to do about
the previously named nursery unless of course there still remains a problem
or a problem arises in the future. Thank you.

Obviously there is no reason why we cannot discuss copyright in general
terms. I've even learnt one or two things tonight as well.

Best Wishes and a Merry Christmas.


David Fenwick
The African Garden
96 Wasdale Gardens

01752 301402

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