What's Blooming Now

Cathy Craig cathycraigea@hotmail.com
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 10:36:04 PST
2 or 3 years ago I was fortunate to obtain a Cyrtanthaflora (from a secret 
source) originally from Jim Comstock. It seems happy just outside under a 
very deep east-facing overhang in bright shade. Having produced a flowering 
spike last year, it has further rewarded me by growing another division, one 
of which bloomed a few months ago and the other division blooming now. This 
is cheering as there's not much red-orange (or any color) about this time of 

Also currently blooming is a longiflorum Lily (or L. x) - the yellow 
commonly sold. This lily is probably confused but I am not going to point 
out to it that it is blooming completely out of season - what's more there 
are two  blooming spikes.

Last month a Madonna Lily bravely put up a bloom spike with several buds, 
but alas, even though the weather here at the time was beautiful, the buds 

Still a couple of the dinner plate Dahlias blooming.

Several of the tazetta Narcissus bloomed last month that are in the ground, 
with a few flowers still hanging in there.

Cathy Craig
Pres PBS

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