What's Blooming Now

Kenneth Hixson khixson@nu-world.com
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 11:45:02 PST
Hi, Cathy
>Also currently blooming is a longiflorum Lily (or L. x) - the yellow 
>commonly sold. This lily is probably confused but I am not going to point 
>out to it that it is blooming completely out of season - what's more there 
>are two  blooming spikes.

	Your flowers will be just as pretty without my petty carping, but first,
L. longiflorum, the easter lily, is white.  What you have is most likely a
hybrid, an LA (longiflorum x asiatic). Unfortunately, there are several
commonly sold, so no guess on a name.  L longiflorum came originally from a 
tropical climate, and unlike lilies from areas with cold winters, it typically
forms bulbs and then flowers without much regard for how cold it may be
Hybrids of longiflorum often have the same trait.
	If you don't want it to flower, try keeping it relatively dry after it
dies down, until time for another cycle. Water, above a certain temperature, 
triggers the growth reflex.   A good candidate for growing in a largish pot
or tub, 
except it will most likely need dividing when it sends up multiple stems.

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