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Pacific Rim paige@hillkeep.ca
Mon, 22 Dec 2003 14:03:00 PST
We are in Zone 6 and we've had sunny hard frosts interrupted by sluicing

Outdoors at the moment we have fall Crocus spp. in late, intermittent bloom.
More surprising, one Allium cernuum is blooming.

In the cold greenhouse Arum pictum has just finished blooming; I think if it
were held in colder darkness for longer, it might become a special Christmas

Paige Woodward
on top of Chilliwack Mountain
in southwest British Columbia
wet Zone 6

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> Dear All,
> I suspect it could be a bit quiet this week, but for those of you who are
> looking at email here is our topic of the week. Please share stories or a
> few lines about any bulbs that you associate with holidays. It doesn't
> to be Christmas or the New Year although those would certainly be welcome.
> Since we are a group from all over the world with different climates, the
> diversity (if people share) could be immense.
> In California it is hit or miss with some plants whether they will bloom
> before January. For instance this year I'm going to have a lot of Cyclamen
> coum in bloom (yea!), but usually January is more likely. I almost always
> have some Lachenalia in bloom. I always hope that Lachenalia bulbifera
> be open since it is red and green (the colors you see associated with
> Christmas in the United States.) Mine has fat buds, but looks like New
> may be more likely. Lachenalia rubida which is usually earlier for me was
> late this year so it will have to stand in. Lachenalia viridiflora is
> almost open and blooms almost every December.
> Best wishes to all of you for the holidays and thanks for all the great
> information and pictures you have shared with all of us this year.
> Mary Sue
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