Bulbs for the Holidays--TOW

Lyn Edwards lynelda@netspeed.com.au
Mon, 22 Dec 2003 13:32:24 PST
Seaons Greetings Everyone,
	because we are in the middle of summer for Christmas there are quite a
number of different bulb species in bloom and personal preference comes into
play here. My favourite for many years, can't imagine Christmas without
them,are large pots of Lilium longiflorum which are at their best here in my
part of Aus.now.
	 I have added pots of L.A.liliums to them for the past few years as they
have become available.Looking wonderful is L.A.lilium Ceb Dazzler,a very
brilliant yellow.Some come inside for the big day and then are returned
outside to their places on the front steps and my paved areas,
Lyn Edwards
approx.zone 8 USDA

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