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J.E. Shields
Tue, 02 Dec 2003 07:49:53 PST
Dear all,

I might elaborate a bit on Boyce's comments for the non-hardy bulbs, here 
in the Frozen North.

The Clivia are getting good sunshine, with only 30 to 50% shade. They don't 
need as much shading here in winter as they do in summer. We have stopped 
watering the mature Clivia as well as almost all the Hippeastrum. We have 
also lowered the temperature settings in the greenhouses to about 50 F for 
heat and 70 F for the exhaust fans. We stopped feeding in September.

The Nerine bowdenii are blooming now, at least one of the clones is (from 
Rob Potterton). The Nereine undulata are also blooming now, but NN. 
platypetala and gracilis have finished for the season. All except the 
platypetala are now quite dry. The platypetala sit in a tray with water 
almost all year round.

The Lachenalia need to have been repotted at least a month or two ago, and 
now they need cool temperatures, bright sunlight, and regular watering and 
feeding. The same goes for your Ipheion in pots. They both need feeding too!

Jim Shields
in cold central Indiana (USA)

At 08:58 AM 12/2/2003 -0600, Boyce wrote:
>Here in the continental cold upper Midwest of North America a quick check 
>of the hardy bulbs in containers shows they have rooted in nicely and the 
>Ipheion and Muscari's are already shooting up growth.
>The non-hardy bulbs were brought indoors in late September in order to 
>miss the first freeze. Most of them are in active growth and I should 
>start watching for spider mites, etc. pretty soon. They get a periodic 
>watering with Peters 20-20-20 and I'll topdress with Osmocote later in the 
>winter. The Hippeastrums, Clivia, Dioon and Plumeria are still 
>experiencing water reduction ... great companion plants for a single 
>container in that they require simular watering regimes during the 
>Best wishes,
>Boyce Tankersley

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