TOW Things to Do in Dec - Missouri report

James Waddick
Tue, 02 Dec 2003 08:02:46 PST
Dear All;
	December has barely begun, but I can echo most of what Boyce 
has already said earlier. Yard clean up in general and barely any 
bulb activity.
	Ipheions are up and husky even after months of drought.
	Some muscari showing more growth than others, but all doing 
at least 'something'.
	A few stalwart Narcissus showing more of a 'nose' than is 
good for them including both the double and single N. odorus 
(Campernelle) and 'Cedric Morris'.
	Sternbergia foliage is looking great as are most fall crocus 
with a lingering bloom (2)on C. speciosus. Almost no bloom on C. 
sativus however.
	Oncocyclus and similar iris are showing minimal foliage as is typical
	Hardy Crinum have all 'melted' by frost and will be covered 
soon for the harshest winter weather to come.
	Hyacinthoides italicus is p with husky foliage now, but 
winter will knock it down and it will probably bloom poorly as usual 
in the edge of hardiness.
	And of course fall foliage Lycoris are up and look good 
subject to harsh winter weather later.

  A chance to comment on 'experiments in progress':
	3 small clumps of spring planted Hippeastrum x johnsonii have 
held up well to frost until we got to 19F; now mush. Will they bloom 
come spring?

	A single remaining Morea polystachya planted as close as 
possible to south facing foundation started a flower stalk (its first 
in the ground after 3 or 4 years), but it was frozen back too. Long 
term prognosis looks poor.

	So the garden will stay on hold with a sparse flower (mostly 
Non-bulbous) here and there for the next 2 months and the first 
stirrings for real in Mid-late Feb.

		Best		Jim W.

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