Whats happening Southern Hemisphere Australia

Kathy Andersen ksa@del.net
Tue, 16 Dec 2003 16:00:02 PST

Don't remermber seeing cinums there at the time of the Clivia Conference.  The property is quite shaded.  Margot has mainained the plantings beautifully.  Saw 'Four Mary' there and many of its look alike seedlings.

Go and visit on your trip.

Kathy Andersen
Wilmington, Delaware

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  I wonder if all Gordon McNeil's plants are lost?  His wife still lives on 
  the property in South Africa and still grows clivias.  Maybe she  has some 
  of his crinums too?

  Jim Shields
  in central Indiana (USA)

  At 08:55 AM 12/17/2003 +1100, David Sneddon wrote:
  >I note also there were some other crinums found along the river with
  >interesting reds to pinks. Gordon McNeil truely had some wonder plants, it
  >was a shame they were lost.
  >If anyone has chobe river plants I'd be interested in seeing more pictures
  >privately or publicly posted.
  >Regards, David.

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