Crinum ..., amaryllis belladonna pollenation

David Fenwick
Wed, 31 Dec 2003 03:30:59 PST
>>>>I had a few seeds from a single head of Amaryllis belladonna last
autumn, since germinated, and now have 3 additional young plants, Am I
correct in thinking this was self fertilised or should I be trying to
remember what was around at the same time. It could only have been a nerine?

Hi Brian,
Yes most likely to be selfed, but of course you cannot exclude the
possibility as things can happen naturally. There's a few people trying to
cross Amaryllis and Nerine at the moment, give it ten years and we might see
quite a few nice bulbs being produced.

Best Wishes,

David Fenwick
The African Garden
96 Wasdale Gardens

01752 301402

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